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Outdoor Advertising Signage

We have over 14 years experience outdoor advertising and sign writing in South Africa.

We have been making signs and banners, outdoor advertising in South Africa since 1993 and lead the way for clients in South Africa for outdoor advertising signage.


The use of signs to communicate a marketer's message places advertising in geographically identified areas in order to capture customer attention.

The most obvious method of using signs is through billboard outdoor advertising, which are generally located in high traffic areas.

Outdoor advertising billboards come in many sizes, though the most well-known are large structures located near transportation points intending to attract the interest of people travelling on roads or public transportation.

Indoor advertising billboards are often smaller than outdoor advertising billboards and are designed to attract the attention of foot traffic (i.e., those moving past the sign). For example, smaller signage in airports, train terminals and large commercial office space fit this category.

Outdoor advertising is a natural progression from the innovative illuminated signs and light boxes developed for the indoor display market.

The expertise and knowledge acquired from retail rollouts enabled us to develop new innovative displays and signs for the outdoor advertising billboard industry.


Our outdoor advertising signs include arrow signs, reader board signs, and other portable signs which can help direct customers, into your location today!

According to your needs you can order full sets or individual letters for custom business signs or your various advertising requirements. Our sign lettering methods and materials are perfect for cheap magnetic signs, outdoor signs, business signs and much more.


"Regardless of our requirements, Quality Signs consistently offers options and delivers a product that is within budget, effective, professional and of high quality."

Ellyn Holzman - District Realty




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Quality Signs provide a range of outdoor signage, persuasive print, outdoor graphics, outdoor advertising and display services designed to engage and influence a target audience.